Heildartala yfir síðuflettingar

mánudagur, 18. nóvember 2019

Heklaðir smekkir

Áður en litli ömmustrákurinn fæddist heklaði ég tvo smekki fyrir hann.
Uppskriftin er á tinna.is, og ég notaði Mandarin petit.

2 ummæli:

  1. such a pretty design! you make so many things and all seem so unique. Do you design your own patterns I wonder?

    1. Thank you, Karen, for your sweet comments on my blog. I admire your quilts and your enthusiasm, you are an amazing quilter, but I am lousy when it comes to commenting. I do a lot of knitting now because I have four small grandchildren and I love to knit for them. No, I don´t design myself. My patterns mainly come from Icelandic and Norwegian designers. I love the Klompelompe books, I have seven of them, all children clothes. But I do love to quilt, too, and always have some project going, but slowly. I tried to email you but it didn´t work.
      Greetings, Hellen